Before working at Royal Holloway all my writing was geared to the promotion or explanation of my professional work with either the Medieval Players or the International Workshop Festival. With IWF the articles began to explore the work of particular or aspects of training. A complete list of my writings can be found in my CV. Even though the four books that I have written to date have been 'academic', I have tried to keep them as close to questions of theatrical practice as possible. 


In 2006 I published An Eye For Movement which was a study of the movement expert Warren Lamb. The book drew on conversations we recorded between 2003 and 2006. After the publication of the book we both realised that there was still much to discuss and we continued to discuss questions of movement and the ideas of Rudolf Laban up until his death in January 2014. This later conversations will be included in a later book I intend to write provisionally entitled Laban and After - A hundred years of movement study.



In 2011 I edited and introduced The Laban Sourcebook, a collection of writings by Rudolf Laban, many of them published for the first time. The book features writings from 1914 through to the late 1950s. The earlier texts were translated from the German by Steffi Sachsenmeier and myself (again for the first time). Some of the world's acknowledged experts offered brief introductions to some of the texts. I have just been approached by a publisher who is interested in translating the book into Hebrew! 



In 2015 Routledge published Bakhtin and Theatre - Dialogues with Stanislavsky, Meyerhold and Grotowski. This drew on the research that I did for my PhD in 2003. I wanted to write a book that more directly addressed questions of theatre (I would have loved that to have been the title!). It took me twelve years to figure out how to draw together Bakhtin's ideas and questions of theatrical practice. You will find the Blog contains texts that I would have loved to include in the book had I thought of them at the time. I feel this link between Bakhtin and Questions of Theatre is going to be an ongoing project for some years to come ...


I was a founding editor of the Training Grounds pages of the journal Theatre and Dance Performance Training for whom I have written several pieces, short and long. We have a blog which is still in its infancy, but is already well worth a look:


In 2015 my online catalogue of Laban materials in the Brotherton Library (University of Leeds) went live and I have begun to write a guide on their website:


In addition I have written articles for New Theatre Quarterly,Contemporary Theatre Review, and Performance Research.

In 2018 Methuen published Training the Actor's Body - A Guide which will be followed by the companion volume Understanding The Actor's Body in 2019.


Dick McCaw February 2018

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