My main teaching post is now at the Department of Drama and Theatre Studies, Royal Holloway University of London where I have taught as a visiting lecturer since 2000. In 2014 I became a part-time (.5) Senior Lecturer. I have also taught freelance in a range of institutions and countries. At Royal Holloway I teach students ranging from their first year through to those at MA or PhD level. 


My teaching covers the fields of improvisation, devising, physical theatre and movement training for actors. 


I teach occasional courses in Laban movement, Feldenkrais lessons in Awareness in Movement™, as well as in my own approach to theatre training. I have taught courses throughout Great Britain, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, France, Greece, Russia. My clientele has mostly been students and/or professionals of theatre and dance.   


My approach to teaching has been hugely informed by two figures: Clive Barker (1931 - 2005) and Moshe Feldenkrais (1904 – 1984). Barker, with whom I worked for some twenty years until his death in 2005, taught me that teaching has to be fun.  It is also about creating situations in which students can learn. Moshe Feldenkrais understood the importance of students being enabled and encouraged to find things out for themselves - a heuristic (it means ‘finding out’) rather than a coercive approach.  For further information visit my teaching and research profile here 


Dick McCaw February 2018

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