My role is to help you get where you want to be. 


I have taken on a wide variety of mentoring jobs, from a helping a bride-to-be write her marriage vows, to helping theatre workers in Mongolia negotiate their future after the collapse of communist central planning.  I have mentored past students, dance groups and theatre groups, and worked with boards of directors and chief executives.  I have helped facilitate a variety of practical research projects, personal plans and funding applications.

How do I work? Firstly by giving you the confidence to undertake and complete your own project. By coming to me you have set aside time and space in which to think about your plans, projects or personal development.  I can help you make best use of your resources. I often record and then transcribe our working sessions in the same way that I document work. People are often surprised how much sense they made when talking their ideas through. I do not write your plan or your project, I help you figure out how you can. 

Previous Clients:

CircElation (Continuing Professional Development for Circus artists) – Three-year plan, application to Arts Council and programming of the first project held in Leeds 2003

Para Active (Physical Theatre) – Two practice-based research projects at the Chisenhale Space, East London

Shane Shambhu – (Bharata Natyam-inspired Contemporary Dance).  Two projects exploring the extension of Bharata Natyam into Contemporary Dance, with showings at The Place, London, Derby Dance Centre, and Birmingham Library Theatre.

Nicola Kaye (Artistic director of Musikansky)

Renegotiations – A co-mentor project for established artists involving Siobhan (Sue) Davies, Rose English, Tyrone Hugget, Ian Spink, and Lois Weaver. I continue to work with Sue Davies on various projects.

In 2014 and 2015 I mentored Thomas Wilson on his forthcoming book on Gandini Juggling

In 2015 I mentored Kenneth Rea on his book

I continue to mentor Jonathan Grieve (formerly co-artistic director of ParaActive), specifically his research into actor training.

Dick McCaw February 2018

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