The Feldenkrais Method is an incredibly subtle and effective means by which you can learn to change habits of movement and posture. To understand this approach consider the following: a skeleton cannot stand up by itself – it needs muscles to direct the weight of the body over the base of the feet.  A muscle does not contract unless stimulated by a nerve. And the various nervous systems are organised by the brain. Feldenkrais realised that movement is equally about the brain and the body, and that in order to change how we walk, sit, get up or sit down - in short, how we conduct our lives - we need to change how we unconsciously organise ourselves to make those movements. 


I began working with dancers who had problems resulting from injuries.  Over the last six years I have found that the Feldenkrais method can help people who have suffered a stroke to relearn how to move. Though the stroke may have destroyed parts of the brain which are used for movement, one can stimulate new learning by making carefully selected movements with the patients and encouraging them to experience what this feels like.  Gradually, the patient learns how to ‘take over’ the movement.  Lessons with an infant with Cerebral Palsy have also been very effective. 


While I continue to give lessons to people with less severe problems, I aim to specialise in working with people with damage to their brains.



The Feldenkrais Method 

Dick McCaw February 2018

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