Dick (Richard Newton) McCaw -  CV


Current Employer
Senior Lecturer (part time) Department of Drama and Theatre Studies
Royal    Holloway, University of London 

Education and Training
2009           Appointed  Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
2007           Diploma in the Feldenkrais Method  
2001 – 7     Began studying Laban movement as a private pupil with Geraldine Stephenson (one of Rudolph Laban’s assistants in                      the late 1940’s)
2004           PhD from Royal Holloway, ‘Bakhtin’s Other Theatre’. 
1978           Graduated from Trinity Hall, Cambridge University with a 2/1 Degree in English Literature. Special interests:                                      James Joyce and Roland Barthes.
1970 - 78    Studied Classical Guitar with various teachers in Spain and England
1966 – 73    St Bees School, Cumbria: 6 O-levels, 2 A-Levels

Career Details (Academic)
2000 –         Visiting Lecturer at Royal Holloway, University of London. MA course in Laban, First Year courses in practical skills                           and devising. Third Year course in Physical Theatre.
2000 – 15    Visiting lecturer at Goldsmiths University of London, Second Year Theatre Making Project, Third Year Devising                                   Project. 

Career Details (Non Academic)
2012 – 14    Taught a course called The Actor’s Body, a User’s Guide at the Actors Centre. Bringing together the Feldenkrais                               Method and the movement principles of Rudolf Laban. 

2008            Documented Improbable’s second ‘Open Space’ project, Devoted and Disgruntled. 

2007 – 11    Facilitator of Dance Umbrella’s A Feeling for Practice, a series of work presentations by choreographers and dance                         practitioners. I facilitated public presentations with Richard Alston (CBE), Trisha Brown, Gill Clarke (MBE), Siobhan                           Davies (CBE), Shobana Jeyasingh, Pedro Machado (Candoco), Jeannie Steele (of the Merce Cunningham Company)                     and Charlotte Vincent.

2007 – 10     Initiated Renegotiations, a co-mentoring project with choreographer Siobhan Davies, Lois Weaver, Rose English,                             Tyrone Huggins and Ian Spink

2006 –         Talks Facilitator for the London International Mime Festival. During this time I have led public discussions with over 100                     performers to audiences across London, from the Royal Opera House and Barbican Arts Centre to the arches eneath                       London Bridge Station.     
2006 - 09     Writing on the Body, Writing on the Page 
                    A documentation project which brought writers and choreographers together in conversation.  The partners were the                       Royal Court Theatre and the South Bank Centre; funding was from the Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund, Dance Web                         Europe, and the Jerwood Trust. Transcripts published on www.bodyandpage.com
2006            Launch of Website, www.bodiesofknowledge.org with funds from Arts Council of England, the first online database of                       organisations specialising in continuing training opportunities for professionals working in the performing arts. 

2005            Mentoring:  dancer Jade Persis Maravala in a research project at the Chisenhale Space, London, 
                    Shane Shambu in a research project at Derby Dance Centre
                    Artistic Adviser for the 2005 Daiwa Butoh Festival at Jacksons Lane, London

2004            Director for CircElation’s first event for Circus Artists held in Leeds, consisting of 8 workshops and 8 public                                       discussions.

2003            Programme Director for Conflictions - a series of 4 workshops led by internationally recognised martial arts                                       practitioners organised by Theatre Venture in London.

2002            Two consultancies focusing on Continuing Professional Development: CircElation, which specialises in the Continuing                     Training needs of circus artists, and Theatre Venture, a London-based theatre company. 

2001 – 04    Theatre on a Shoestring
                    A project created for branches of George Soros’ Open Society Institute, where I would work with theatre workers from                       the former Soviet Bloc, helping them to create independent (i.e. not state-managed) creative projects. I led projects in                     Bulgaria, Hungary and Mongolia. 

1993 – 01    The International Workshop Festival (IWF)  
                    In 1993 I was appointed director during my nine years as director I researched and programmed over 200                                       professional workshops involving more than 4,000 professional practitioners. 

1981 – 92    The Medieval Players 
                    In partnership with Carl Heap I produced over 30 plays from the Medieval and Renaissance repertoire, including                             adaptations of Chaucer, Grimmelshausen, Langland, and Rabelais, with specially commissioned verse translations                         from poets Adrian Mitchell and Edwin Morgan, amongst others. The company became one of Britain's most popular                         touring theatre companies and toured Australia three times with great success. The company collaborated with the                           BBC on four projects: The History of the English Language (1981) Martin Luther – Heretic (1987), two plays from the                         York Mystery Cycle (1988), Doctor Faustus (1988).

1978 – 80    ATC London – The Actors Touring Company
                    Co-founded the company with director John Retallack.  Musical Director and onstage musician in Retallack’s                                   adaptation of Byron's Don Juan (1978 Edinburgh Fringe First Award), Vanburgh's The Provoked Wife (1979), and a                           two-part adaptation of Don Quixote (1980) by Richard Curtis and John Retallack. 
                    ATC continues to tour innovative theatre to audiences throughout Britain and abroad.


Public Output from research and scholarly activity

2017           The Ends of Training, a Paper for TAPRA, Salford

                   Paper on Developments in Laban's thinking at a conference to launch the Labanarium, University of Surrey

2016           Introduction to Seminar on the Special Issue of Theatre and Dance Performance Training for which I was co-editor                           Research Seminar at the Actors Centre with Professor John Rothwell on Neuroscience and the Actor

2015           Research Seminar at the University of Exeter, ‘What to put in an archive?’ 

2012           Research seminar at University of Coventry – The study of movement qualities after Rudolf Laban: from Warren Lamb                      to Daniel Stern.

2011           Research Seminar at Central School of Speech and Drama on Embodiment with Professor John Rothwell (Institute of                        Neurology) and Dr Stefanie Sachsenmaier (University of Middlesex).

                   Presentation about learning through the throwing and catching of sticks at the Symposium ‘Participatory research and                      learning in the performing arts’ in the Centre for Creative Collaboration, London.

                   Research Seminar at the University of Cork on Laban’s theories of Effort.
2010           Public presentation at the Special Collections of the Brotherton Library, University of Leeds, of research into the John                        Hodgson Laban Archive, which, with funding from The John Hodgson Theatre Research Trust, I have been                                      cataloguing.  

2009           Annual London International Mime Festival lecture at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. The Reluctant Mover –                    On the teaching of Geraldine Stephenson

Funding Awards
2012           British Academy for work on Laban archive in the Brotherton Library, Leeds 
2007 – 10   John Hodgson Theatre Research Trust, £26,000 for work on the Laban archive in the Brotherton Library, Leeds                                University  
2008           Dorothy Whitney Elmhirst Trust, £5,000 for writing The Routledge Sourcebook for Rudolf Laban 
2007           Jerwood Trust, £15,000 for Writing on the Body, Writing on the Page
2006           Arts Council of England, £5,000 for compiling the Bodies of Knowledge website
2004           Palatine, £5,000 for producing CD ROM documentations of Clive Barker and Phelim McDermott


2007          Guest of Honour at the Cairo Festival of Experimental Theatre
1999          Received the International Theatre Institute (London) Award for ‘Excellence in International Theatre’ whilst Director of                       the International Workshop Festival
1996          Received the International Theatre Institute’s (London) Award for ‘Excellence in International Dance’ whilst Director of                       the International Workshop Festival
1992          Arts Council of England Bursary in recognition of contribution to National Touring

Selected Publications 

2018          Training The Actor’s Body - A Guide (Methuen)

2015          Bakhtin and Theatre: Dialogues with Stanislavsky, Meyerhold and Grotowski (Abingdon: Routledge)

2011          The Laban Sourcebook Editor, Introduction and Conclusion (Abingdon: Routledge)

2006          An Eye for Movement, a book about Warren Lamb, (London: Brechin Books)

2000          De Sade with Silviu Purcarete (Bologna: Arena Publications)


2008          Lessons After Laban (Exeter: Arts Archives) two DVD ROMs about the teaching and career of Geraldine Stephenson, a                   student of movement pioneer Rudolf Laban
2006          Movement Pattern Analysis and Decision Making (Exeter: Arts Archives) a DVD ROM on Warren Lamb

2005          Theatre Jazz (Exeter: Arts Archives – an updated version subsequently published by Methuen to accompany a second                   edition of Theatre Games) a DVD ROM documentation on the teaching of Clive Barker

2003          Space, Improvisation, Creativity (Exeter: Arts Archives) a DVD ROM documentation on the teaching of Phelim                                   McDermott

                  Lessons around the Baton (Exeter: Arts Archives) a DVD ROM on Dominique Dupuy) 

2001          Action Theatre (Exeter: Arts Archives) a CD ROM on Mladen Materic

                  A Kantor Legacy (Exeter: Arts Archives) a CD ROM on Zofia Kalinska



2015          ‘The Actor’s Presence’ in Actor Training: A Reader  ed. Mark Evans (Abingdon: Routledge) pp 171 - 181

2012          ‘Documenting Clive Barker and Phelim McDermott’ in A Celebration of Dance, Drama and Music in Higher Education                       ed. David Pearson (London: Higher Education Academy, Online.) pp 8 - 11

2010          Critical Introduction to Clive Barker’s Theatre Games (London: Methuen) pp.xi - xxv    

2008          Theatre of Movement and Gesture (Le Théâtre du Geste ) by Jacques Lecoq, Co-translator. (Abingdon: Routledge)                         pp.126 - 157

2006          ‘Claire Heggen Goes Fishing’ in Physical Theatres, A Critical Reader, Eds. John Keefe and Simon Murray (Abingdon:                       Routledge), pp. 9 – 16

2001          ‘Old Theatre for New’, in Essays in honour of Meg Twycross, (Leeds: Leeds Studies in English, University of Leeds) pp.                   275 – 287

                  ‘Medieval Theatre in the 20th Century’ in The Continuum Companion to Twentieth Century Theatre, ed. C. Chambers,                       (London and New York: Continuum) pp. 486 – 488.

                  Preface to Through the Body, by Dympna Callery, (London: Nick Hern Books), pp. viii - x


Refereed Articles in Academic Journals

2015          ‘Understanding the Meaning of Movement’ in Theatre and Dance Performance Training, Volume 6, Issue 2 (Abingdon:                     Routledge) pp 219 - 232

2014          ‘Paradoxes of Acting: Bakhtin and Stanislavsky’ in New Theatre Quarterly 117, Vol. XXX Pt. 1, (Cambridge:  Cambridge                   University Press) pp.29 - 39

2013          ‘Danger UXB! My Career in Archives’ in Contemporary Theatre Review Volume 23, Issue 2 (Abingdon: Routledge) pp.                     403 - 410

2011          ‘The Cost of Training’ in Theatre and Dance Performance Training, 2.2, (Abingdon: Routledge) pp.262 – 263

2009          ‘Rhythm in Art and Life’, Le Rythme (Geneva: International Federation of Rhythm Teachers) pp.52 – 55

                  ‘Plumbing and Wiring’ in Performance Research ‘On Training’, 14 (2) (Abingdon: Routledge) pp.25 – 37. 

2003          'The Body We Leave Behind’ (Contemporary Theatre Review, Vol. 13, No.4, pp. 66 – 78)
                  ‘Taking Clive Seriously’, on Clive Barker, in New Theatre Quarterly 92 , Vol XXIII, (Cambridge:  Cambridge University                         Press) pp.337 – 351 
                  and ‘A Brief History of  Clive Barker’, pp. 295 – 303 (first published in Theatre Jazz, 2005)

2002          ‘Training for Melodrama’, in Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film Vol. 29, No.2, pp. 62 - 65

2001          ‘Lifelong Listening’ in Dance Theatre Journal, Vol. 17, No.1, pp.20 – 23

                  ‘Play’s The Thing’ in Dance Theatre Journal, Vol. 17, No.4, pp. 36 – 39

2000          ‘Flying not Falling’ in Dance Theatre Journal, Vol. 16, No. 1

Non-refereed articles

2015          ‘Lessons from the Archive’ in Movement, Dance & Drama. (Magazine of the Laban Guild, Vol 34, No 1, p. 15  

2014          Editorial for Training Grounds section of Theatre and Dance Performance Training, (Abingdon: Routledge) Volume 5,                       Issue 3, pp.334 - 335

                  Answer The Question with Thomas Wilson Theatre and Dance Performance Training, (Abingdon: Routledge) Volume 5,                   Issue 3, pp.340 - 343    

                  'Girl Guides and Dancing Devils in Movement, Dance and Drama' (Magazine of the Laban Guild) Vol 33, No 2, pp. 4 - 6

                  Review of Viewpoints  by Anne Bogart and Tina Landau in Theatre and Dance Performance Training, (Abingdon:                             Routledge) Vol 5, No 1, pp.93 - 95

2013          Obituary for Henry Smith in Theatre and Dance Performance Training, (Abingdon: Routledge) Vol 4, No 3 p.435 – 436

                  Programme article about the work of Aurelien Bory for their performances of Sans Objet at the Salzburg Festival. 24 –                       26 August, pp.18 - 27

                  Editorial for Training Grounds section in Theatre and Dance Performance Training, (Abdingdon: Routledge) Vol 4, No 2                   pp.280 - 281

                  ‘Working on the John Hodgson Archive’ in Movement, Dance and Drama Vol 32 No 3, pp. 12 - 13

2012          ‘Youth’ in Theatre, Dance and Performance Training (Abingdon: Routledge) Vol. 3 Issue 2

                  ‘Drop Your Shoulders’ in Theatre, Dance and Performance Training (Abingdon: Routledge) Vol. 3 Issue 1, 124 – 125

2011          ‘What is the Cost of Training?’ Theatre, Dance and Performance Training (Abingdon: Routledge) Vol. 2 Issue 2, 262 -                       263

2010          ‘An Imaginary Excursion’ in Movement, Dance and Drama, Vol. 29 no 1, pp.28 - 30

2009          ‘The Actor – A Reluctant Mover: The Genius of Geraldine Stephenson’ in Movement and Dance   Vol. 28, No.1, pp. 1 - 4

2001          ‘Another Kind of Learning’ in Total Theatre, Vol.13, No. 2 (London: Total Theatre) pp. 7 – 9

                  ‘Flow Form’ in Total Theatre, Vol.13, No. 3 (London: Total Theatre) pp. 20 – 21

                  Editorial Board of The Video Journal of Performance Training (University of Hull)

                  Contributing Editor to New Theatre Quarterly (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press)

                  Lead Editor of the Training Grounds section of Theatre and Dance Performance Training (Abingdon: Routledge). As                         part of my duties I have conducted interviews with over forty leading figures in the world of theatre and dance including                   Sir Nicholas Hytner, Siobhan Davies OBE, Phelim McDermott, Katie Mitchell, Silviu Purcarete and Tim Etchells. 

Dick McCaw February 2018

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