About Me

My professional career divides into three parts. 


2007 - present     Senior Lecturer in Drama and Theatre at Royal Holloway, University of London

2001 - 2007         Retraining and Research

1993 - 2001         Artistic Director of The International Workshop Festival

1978 - 1992         Work in Professional Theatre as mostly as Producer, but also Actor, Musician and Stage Manager

1981 - 1992                        Co-founded The Medieval Players with Carl Heap

1979 - 1981                        Co-founded The Actors Touring Theatre Company with John Retallack




For more detail see my Curriculum Vitae below


Although I acted and played music with both the companies I co-founded, I was principally the Producer. Latterly, I became very involved in the educational aspect of the work of the Medieval Players, giving lectures and workshops throughout Britain, Australia and Germany as we toured. The thinking of Mikhail Bakhtin crept into many of the later talks and this led to me finally deciding to do a PhD on him. 


From 1993 to 2001 I was Artistic Director of the International Workshop Festival (IWF) which offered a programme of workshops led by some of the world’s leading artists and teachers. These workshops were designed for British artists who wished to continue developing their practice. 


From 2001 I began a period of re-training and research. I researched into the relation between the Russian thinker Mikhail Bakhtin (1895 – 1975) and the theatre of his time. I studied movement with one of Rudolf Laban’s pupils and co-teachers, Geraldine Stephenson until 2007. In 2003 I began training to be a Feldenkrais practitioner and qualified in 2007 since when I have been practising. I was awarded a PhD for my thesis Bakhtin’s Other Theatre in 2003. In 2008 I began studying Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan with Sifu Garry Wragg. I am now an advanced practitioner and instructor. http://www.wustyle-europe.com


I began to learn movement at the age of 45 – it is this experience of struggling with a new way of learning that has informed all my teaching. I can so readily sympathise with the difficulties of my students.


I am now a senior lecturer (part-time) in practical theatre at Royal Holloway (http://pure.rhul.ac.uk/portal/en/persons/dick-mccaw(a0d370f5-75d0-42d0-9f83-2412a5b8ca31).html). For the rest of the time I undertake freelance projects,

and continue my research into the ideas and practice of Rudolf Laban and Moshe Feldenkrais, and, more broadly, of human movement.


I also write about movement and document movement practitioners.  In 2006 I published With an Eye for Movement about Warren Lamb who studied Laban’s industrial work in the 1940s and ‘50s. In 2011 the Laban Sourcebook was published by Routledge who also published Bakhtin and Theatre - Dialogues with Stanislavsky, Meyerhold and Grotowski in 2016. Training The Actor's Body - A Guide for Methuen was published in 2018 and will be followed by Understanding The Actor's Body in 2019.


With Peter Hulton, director of the Arts Documentation Unit I have produced eight DVD ROMS between 2000 and 2010 which are listed in my CV.


There is much overlap between my zones of interest and activity.  One overarching theme is education – more particularly, continuing education. Another is movement, and together they touch every one of my activities. The last over-arching theme is dialogue – I consider everything I do as a dialogue, be it teaching people who have suffered a stroke how to move again, or students how to develop a creative sense of movement, my mentoring work with professional artists, or facilitating post-show discussions with the London International Mime Festival (I have been their talks facilitator since 2006).


Dick McCaw February 2018

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